20 - 21 March 2018
Mandarin Orchard Singapore, by Meritus, Singapore

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Culture and Change Management for Business Transformation Agenda

In today’s business world, change is the only constant. With the emergence of innovative technologies and changes in customer expectations, to stay competitive, it is crucial for organisations to reassess and make changes to their people, process and business model.

However, resistance to change is the biggest challenge. There is a need for effective culture and change management to accelerate acceptance and speed of implementation for successful business transformation.

This summit will feature Asia’s leading change agents and business partners on managing change efficiently and effectively in the digital age – resulting in improved business performance, reduced risk of project failures, a more customer-centric and profitable organisation.

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How to Make Your Change Management Strategy a Success

A change management strategy is vital to the success of any improvement program. If there is no buy-in from employees the expected ROI will never materialise. Ahead of the Culture and Change Management for Business Transformation 2018 event, we discuss driving a successful digital transformation with Stanislas Cofrade, Head of Program Management Office, China, Asia and Japan-Pacific  at Sanofi.

Trees Die from the Top: A Formula for Fixing Company Culture

"The spirit of an organisation is created from the top… If an organisation is great in spirit, it is because the spirit of its top people is great.” If it decays, it does so because the top rots. As the proverb says, “Trees die from the top.” - Peter F. Drucker 

Of course profits are important for any business. Yet for companies to truly succeed,  profit needs to be countered by other values and beliefs. Business consultant and bestselling author Jim Champy explains how to fix company culture by examining  what went wrong in the Wells Fargo case. 

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Why Did Ralph Lauren Fall Off His Horse?

Investors seemed surprised when the luxury apparel and accessories maker Ralph Lauren reported $400 million in restructuring charges and warned of lower sales. A Wall Street Journal article attributed the slip to a number of factors. However, it all added up to a strategy—or what Peter Drucker called “The Theory of the Business”— that no longer worked.

Drucker warned “the theory of the business has to be tested constantly.” Yet most companies fail to regularly assess their strategy and make necessary changes. Sometimes a strategy fails because its underlying assumptions are no longer valid. And then there are strategies that fail because the business grows without focus.

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Change Management Checklist For Intelligent Automation

When disruptive technologies such as RPA, Intelligent Automation and cognitive technologies are first introduced, it’s not uncommon for those spearheading such initiatives to encounter unprecedented levels of fear, confusion and resistance to change across all levels of the organization.  

With this in mind, we have put together this article about the road-tested change management strategies not only to drive adoption but spark cultural transformations. 

Below is a summary, download the article to find out more. 


Build Bridges Not Walls: Driving Effective Culture and Change Management in Today’s Globalised World

Issac Newton once said “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”. As Global VP Country Presidents Community Leader at Schneider Electric, Saulo Spaolanse’s role is to change this perception. Based in Singapore, his job is to be a bridge and enabler between regional operations, business units, global functions (HR, finance supply and marketing) and the executive committee. 

In an exclusive feature he shares why Schneider Electric developed the Global Country Presidents Community.

Download the article to see how the Community translates the global strategy into their own regions and how they ultimately create a better workplace with a more collaborate culture. 

How Lendlease is putting people at the heart of transformation

Construction giant Lendlease is one organisation who knows too well about the challenges associated with maintaining employee engagement and a strong culture through business transformation.

In this exclusive article, Michelle Cock, Head of Change Management at Lendlease, explores key strategies for managing employee expectations during transformation, and how her team is focusing on flexible workplace practices to create and sustain a strong organisational culture.